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With a deep appreciation for Indonesia’s rich biodiversity and traditional knowledge. We pride ourselves to offer the finest selection of natural products from the gorgeous landscapes of Indonesia. With a love for authenticity and a commitment to quality, we provide you an exquisite collection of agricultural treasures, meticulously sourced from the heart of Indonesia.


Teloo Naturals 

Teloo Naturals is a part of PT. Amerta Indo Pasifik, that engaged in selling natural ingredients. Our organization is dedicated to encouraging sustainable practices and supporting local communities in Indonesia.  By choosing teloo naturals, you not only indulge in the finest natural products but also support the livelihoods of those who nurture the land with love and dedication. 

On the other hand, We understand the importance of meeting international quality standards and adhering to strict regulations.  Our team works to ensure all products meet the requirements quality and dedicated to delivering excellence in every shipment.



In a market saturated with processed and artificially enhanced products, we focus on naturalness appeals to consumers seeking wholesome, untainted options that free from artificial additives or chemicals.


Our products represents the finest selection of natural products, precisely picked to satisfy your taste. Each item is selected from reputable producers to assure unparalleled quality.


We prioritize authenticity at every step of the journey to provide you with authentic flavors and fragrances of Indonesia. Each item is a testament to our unwavering dedication to genuine, unadulterated excellence. 


Our products reflect a discovery of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. Every products tells a story of traditions, passed down through generations, and handling with great care to produce the best products.


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